'Taiz: 80 people killed and injured since the start of the truce': Press Summary

'Taiz: 80 people killed and injured since the start of the truce': Press Summary

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

  1. As many as 80 people many of them civilians havebeen killed and injured since the start of the truce [in early April] in Taiz as the Houthi militia continue to attack the city, the army's spokesman Abdulbaset Albahr has said/Multiple websites.

  2. Yemen's Foreign Minister Bin Mubarak says the lack of progress in implementing the truce's provisions relating to ending the Houthi siege on Taiz threatens the truce agreement./Taiz Time

  3. The Houthi militia reserve a 17-kilometer long area along the Red Sea coast as an enclosed military zone/Yeni Yemen
  4. The Houthi militia are conducting a massive hunt on Ethiopian refugees in Sana'a, throwing them to jail for no reason other than to force them to pay YR 100,000 ransom if they want to be released /Bawabati
  5. A civilian (named Saem Bokhayt) was killed when he stepped on a Houthi landmine while shepherdinggoats in Al-Mokha district in Taiz on Thursday/Yemeni Sport
  6. Five civilians were killed and 45 others injured as a gunman threw a grenade in the explosion of a bomb that was left in a bag in a market in (the STC militia-controlled) Aden on Thursday /Multiple websites
  7. A Houthi military pickup truck overruns a woman and leaves her to bleed to death/Aden Voice
  8. There are more than 35 thousand Ethiopian refugees in Marib, the province's deputy governor Abd-Rabbu Miftah has said./Al-Thawra Net
  9. The Executive Unit for the Management of IDPs: The UN removes 2.6 million IDPs [living outside Houthi-controlled areas] from the humanitarian aid beneficiaries list.
  10. The UN prepares to move the central bank from Aden to Houthi-controlled Sana'a/Multiple websites


Social Media

  1. Germany is rejecting lots of asylum seekingappications fro Yemenis citing the misleading excuse that Sana'a is a safe place for them to return to. The Germans are not looking at how manyjournalists and civilians are in Houthi jails and how many they have been killed in Sana'a streets./Facebook post by Zaid Ali Alshalif
  2. It seems the Germans have the fact reversed up side down in their heads: That journalists face oppression all over Yemen except in the Houthi-held Sana'a where they can seek safety (exactly in the hyena 's mouth) LOL./Tweets by Habib Al-Rohami
  3. Journalists almost face no danger in Yemen other than Houthis. The weaker STC militia in the south is a danger too but to a much smaller degree. Is it reasonable that the Germans haven't known yet? Come on. They do know the truth. But…. (I can't talk more).. /FB post by Abdullah Alhamidi
  4. No city in the world has suffered as a barbaric siege as the one Taiz has suffered at the hands of the terrorist Houthi militia/FB post by journalist Rashad Al-Sharaabi.




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