UN drops names of 2.6 million Sunni IDPs from humanitarian aid: Reports

UN drops names of 2.6 million Sunni IDPs from humanitarian aid: Reports

In a confirmation of the complaints and grievances of beneficiaries themselves, a senior Yemeni humanitarian aid official has accused the UN of dropping 2.6 million names from the humanitarian aid entitlement list in the regions controlled "by the government" and Arab coalition-backed forces where the majority of Yemeni IDPs live.


The chief of the Executive Unit for the Management of IDPs Camps Najib Al-Saadi told Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper that the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) diverted this aid to the regions of the (Shiit theocratic) Houthi militia, who ignited the years long war and displaced most of the now displaced Yemenis and have taken the lion's share of incoming aid to finance their sectarian war.

Al-Saadi also accused members of the "government" in Aden of colluding with that UN misconduct.

He said, "The officials in the Executive Unit once entered into long discussions with the OCHA and the IOM for the latter is the one that the UN agencies commissioned to track displacements. It became clear that they (the OCHA and IOM) have no surveys. Next, the OCHA and the IOM closely looked in the methodology that the Executive Unit used to conduct surveys and gather data on displacements, they agreed to use those statistics. After that, to the Executive Unit's surprise, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation agreed on an [IDPs] list presented by the OCHA for all the mistakes in it."

Al-Saadi said this step "will deprive 2,600,000 of the IDPs in the government-controlled regions from aid, among them 1,600,000 IDPs in Marib."

To reinforce his accusations, Al-Saadi cited examples: "In Abs district of the [Houthi-controlled northern Hajjah] province, the Houthis presented a list of 11911 IDPs, the UN earmarked aid for an even larger number of 276391 "IDPs".

"Likewise in Qarah district in Hajjjah, the Houthis presented a list of 35 IDPs, but the UN (generously) allocated aid for 11383 IDPs."

He added, "In Alsafra district of [the Houthic northern stronghold of] Saada, the Houthis proposed 42 IDPs only, but the UN assigned aid for 15142 IDPs." He cited more regions where the UN provided way more aid rations that what Houthis asked for. 

He said the suspended aid in Marib and other non-Houthi areas is being diverted to the Houthi-controlled regions where the terrorist militia is by default expected to give them only to a special list of armed loyalists, convert them into the Houthi warlord's own enrichment and war financing effort.

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