Houthis launch a massive attack on the army's frontlines in Taiz: Press Summary

Houthis launch a massive attack on the army's frontlines in Taiz: Press Summary

  1. The Houthi militia launch a massive attack and the army issues a statement/Amashehad Ayemeni
  2. The Houthi militia meet the UN envoy and escalate attacks in the western coast/The Western Coast website
  3. The army repels a Houthi attack in Taiz/Bawabati
  4. A sign of a new coup: A commander in the STC militia issues the first threat to president Al-Alimi/Almashehad Alyemeni
  5. The STC militia storm a meeting the government of Socotra was holding virtually with the governor Ramzi Mahroos who was forcibly exiled by the militia years ago./Multiple websites
  6. The Houthi militia commit 63 truce violations in one day, Monday/Almanarah Net and Asahwa Net
  7. The Houthi militia reveal a list of people banned from travel through Sana'a airport/Newsline
  8. A spike in the crimes of murdering near reatives in Houthi-controlled areas/Alsahwa Net
  9. An Omani politician unveils the dir.ty game against Yemen and who supports and finances it./Voice of Yemen
  10. Dozens of people staged a rally in Taiz on Tuesday to protest at the international silence over the Houthi miitia's seven year siege on the city/Yeni Yemen
  11. Leaders of different Houthifactions control different sources of income in Sana'a
  12. Houthis deploy military reinforcements to Taiz and Marib and start constructing roads for their military vehicles near Marib/Multiple websites


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