What gains Houthis have made so far without offering any concession?: Social media

What gains Houthis have made so far without offering any concession?: Social media

  1. 1- The Hodeidah city and western coast. 2- Suspension of coalition airstrikes 3- A coalition lifting of blockade on their sea and air ports. In return the Houthis have offered no concession from their side. Free gains thanks to international pressure./Facebook post by Murad Yaseen.

  2. The opening of Sana'a Airport is a gift that has surprised Hezbollah and Iran. It must be so, because the party and Iran have been using the facility as training facility and using the civilian aviation into a private property/Facebook post by Waleed Alaneed
  3. The airport's opening eventually plays into the hands of the Houthi militia, not the people in Sana'a and the ostensible commercial and civilian purposes used propagated now by the media will fade as time goes on/FB post by Abdulkader Ahmed
  4. No one minds opening the airport if it is for the benefit of the people. It is a must. But not under the reign of Houthis who will use it for their own military purposes and exclude the benefit of the public/Tweets by Yaser Mo'ajeb.

  5. I think the people of the besieged city of Taiz should find a way to break the Houthi siege themselves without relying on the UN or appealing for help from the international community who never respond and will never respond. Rights are taken by force not begged." /FB post by Salem Almanee

  6. Being so shocked by the international community's unconditional opening of the Sana'a Airport for Houthis' use, it does not mean we should tune out of the major issue: The Houthi unlawful control on the north of the country as a gain the Shia terrorists obtained with the help of global cons.pirators.

However extremist the int.ernational cons.p.iracy that made Houthis so strong and made us so weak that we are now demanding the very modest demand of 'lifting Taiz siege' instead of Houthi surrender of power, we will not forget our major demand.

We will press our original demands of the Houthi surrender of the territory of north Yemen, the capital Sana'a, the cities, the power and the weapons.


We will not forget the international com.munity's extre.mist cons.piracy, not even in the coming generations.  


They want us as the people of Yemen to be preoccupied now with appealing for lifting the Taiz siege. But we will never forget that the Shia sectarian murderers owe us the power, the hijacked country and more importantly a settlement for the unprecedented genocides they have committed against us with the help of the conspiring intern.ational com.mu.nity!! We will never ever ever forget. /Facebook post by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan




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