Houthis intensify attacks on civilians in Marib: Press Summary

Houthis intensify attacks on civilians in Marib: Press Summary


Gathered by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

  1. The Houthi militia have been intensifying attacks on civilians in the province of Marib over the past few days, local sources say.

The militia stepped up rocket and drone attacks on villages in Raghwa district west of the province./Alharf 28 website


  1. The Houthi militia push out military reinforcements to Al-Alam front (to the northeast of Marib). The reinforcement came from Al-Hazm in the neighboring Aljawf province /Crater Sky website
  2. The army has successfully repelled a Houthi attack against its frontlines in northwest Bayhan of Shabwa province, after three consecutive days of confrontations with the militia, an army commander has said/Anaween Post
  3. Two families (of more than 12) members suffered bone fractures in a horrific car accident on a devious and dangerous mountainous road connecting the Houthi-besieged city of Taiz with the outsideworld./Alsahwa Net
  4. The government says Houthis are still playing delay tactics to avoid honoring their part of the truce agreement and allowing access to the besieged Taiz./Multiple websites
  5. The story of two brothers, whom the Houthi militia made one soak in his own blood and kidnapped the other./Bawabati
  6. Hundreds of protesters in Taiz on Tuesday staged a rally near the frontlines between the army protecting the city and the Houthi militia besieging it to press their demands for ending the seven year Houthi siege. The militia continue to besiege the government-held city of four million residents despite the Saudi-led coalition's fulfilling of the Houthi demands to allow the resumption of operation of Houthi-controlled ports including the Sana'a Airport./Multiple websites
  7. Brig. Sade Duwayd: Houthis close 20 roads in seven province and continue to make up excuses/Aden Alghad
  8. New Houthi conditions to lift the Taiz siege provoke the Yemenis/The Voice of Yemen
  9. Two young Houthi militants kill their friend and bury him in a farm/Voice of Yemen
  10. The government condemns the international community's indifference to the Houthi militia's massive recruitment of child soldiers/Multiple websites
  11. Aden International Airport lost power connection s two flights arrived last night. The outage is due to shortage of fuel/Aden Alghad

  12. Opinion by Adel Alshojaa: S*di Arabia: A History of mistakes in Yemen/Almashehad Aldowali

  13. "I live by crawling". Idris has lost his limbs and his friends because of a Houthi-laid landmine/The Western Coast
  14. Human rights activist: Houthi continued blockade on Taiz is a stark violation/Aden Alghad
  15. Houthi landmine planting: A threat that takes children's lives and denies others education/Almashehad Alyemeni
  16. Yemeni journalist Ahmed Al-Shameeri says the UN and its successive envoys to Yemen have failed Taiz.
  17. Khaled al-Rowayshan: Open the roads to Taiz/Alsmahehad Aldowali
  18. The second prisoner dies of torture in Houthi jails within three days/Al-Thawra Net

Opinion by Adel Alshijaa: Why did the 'most dangerous global terrorist' disappear in Yemen?/Almashehad Aldowali. Interesting report.  

  1. A young man has died of torture at the hands of Houthis in Aljawf, the exiled national Committee on Human Rights for the province said on Wednesday. In a statement, the committee said Ali Hadi bin Rabaqa, 25, a tribesman from Khab and Alshaaf died of horrific torture for two months "in one of the terrorist militia's jails." His kidnapping and torture comes as part of the daily crimes the Houthi militia keep exercising against the people of Aljawf/Aden Alghad.




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