Blockade on Houthi airport lifted, while Taiz city remains under Houthi siege: Press Summary

Blockade on Houthi airport lifted, while Taiz city remains under Houthi siege: Press Summary

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

  • The national carrier, the Yemeni airways restarted its flights from the Houthi-controlled Sana'a Airport, while Taiz city remains under seven year siege/Taiz Time and other websites
  • Sam Organization for Rights and Freedoms says Houthis are staying the track of organized confiscation of houses of oppositionists in Sana'a using political pretexts/Bawabati website
  • The biggest importer of wheat in Yemen, Hayel Saeed Anaam business group, is warning of an imminent famine in Yemen due to the shortage of its wheat reserves caused by the Russia-Ukraine war./Multiple websites
  • A Houthi armed drone attacked the house of a tribal figure in Marib on Sunday/Multiple websites
  • The spokesman of the Arab Coalition-backed Combined Forces says Houthis have launched new drone attacks in al-Barh area, west of Taiz, as part of the militia's continuous ceasefire breaches/Multiple websites
  • The army shot down a Houthi armed drone in Dhale'a today/Crater Sky
  • One of the inmates of the "Central Jail" in Hodeidah was shot dead by a Houthi militiaman in his cell on Sunday/Alsahwa Net
  • A greedy Houthi militant has killed his comrade to rob his firearm in Amran, it has been found today/Yeni Yemen
  • .Houthi militia subject children in the Sana'a Reformatory to terrorist sectarian courses/Almashehad Alyemeni
  • The UN envoy welcomes the resumed flight from Sana'a airport and stresses the imperative on Houthi lifting of the Taiz siege in return/Multiple websites
  • Taiz and the absent conscience of the world/Yemen Voice
  • The Houthi militia dig trenches and build fortifications in Hays-Aljarrahi of Hodeidah/Aden Alghad

  • The young man (Abdul-Aziz Zuhrah) who killed his father, brother and brother's wife and injured his step mother by fire shooting in Sana'a last week had graduated from a training course with Houthi terrorists in Syria./Special sources.
  • A Houthi-laid landmine exploded and killed a man and injured another in kilo-point 7 at the eastern entrance to Hodeidah city on Monday/Aden Alghad
  • After six year suspension, flights from the Houthi-controlled Sana'a airport resumed this Monday morning as the national carrier Yemenia flew 137 passengers to the Jordanian capital.
  • Houthi summer radicalization centers: Death projects in operation and threatening the lives of Yemeni generations/Yeni Yemen.
  • Efforts have failed to secure the release of the Taiz military intelligence department chief Brig. Abduh al-Buhayri who was kidnapped by the STC militia while en route to Aden to attend an official meeting, the spokesman of Taiz army said/ Bawabati


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