Houthi sniper guns down young Taiz man, a murder form going on since 2015

Houthi sniper guns down young Taiz man, a murder form going on since 2015

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

A Houthi sniper shot injured a young man in the besieged Yemeni city of Taiz on Tuesday evening, a murder form that the militia of Shia Houthis have been committing continuously since the beginning of the Yemeni war in 2015.

The sectarian militant gunned down Mazen Al-Mufti, 25, in Al-Sharaf area at Salah district" of Taiz on Tuesday afternoon, local sources have said.

"The man was hospitalized at great risk due to the shootings" by Houthi snipers, female activist and member of the national Commission for Enquiry into Human Rights Abuse Allegations Eshraq Almaqtari tweeted.

"From 4:00 O'clock in the afternoon of this day 10th May (the second month of the truce), to this moment, the residents of Al-Sharaf area … have been coming under a number of sniper shootings that restrict their mobility movement," she said.

The shooting of Al-Mufti comes a day after another sniper from the same militia shot injured a 60 year old woman (Zaafran Hizam) who was shepherding goats west of the small besieged city. The militia, backed by foreign conspirators, have barbarically massacred hundreds of thousands of Sunni Yemenis especially since the latest war that began in 2015.

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