Is there any one keeping a record of daily Houthi crimes?

Is there any one keeping a record of daily Houthi crimes?

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Houthi atrocities and terror acts are countless and stopless as our "Press Summary" shows year after year.

I think if there is anything that fits to be a reference on Houthi atrocities in Yemen (for investigation purposes or history writing purposes), it is this English page especially the 'Press Summary' column which includes those abuses almost every day. 

Press Summary of today

  1. A senior Houthi figure was found killed in ambiguous circumstances in one of the neighborhoods in Sana'a. Ahmed Saleh Al-Hadhoori, 25, has been found slaughtered in Al-Rowdha neighborhood in Bani Al-Harith district. The Houthi militia are keeping the lid on the murder/Al-Ettihad Net website, Anbaa Yemenia news page on facebook and other sources. All indications show this is the latest in a continuous episode of infighting within the beastly cruel Shiit militia.
  3. Houthis take escalatory step in Marib and issue warnings from the frontlines/Almashehad Alyemeni
  5. The Houthi militia exploit the truce and deploy missile launch pads in governorates bordering Saudi Arabia/Almanarah Net

  6. The army downed an armed Houthi drone combing the skies over the army's positions in Almalaheedh district in Saada in violation of the UN brokered truce/Almashehad Alyemeni
  8. Two civilians were injured by a Houthi landmine in Mocha district to the west of the Yemeni province of Taiz. Abduraqib Mohammed Haddad, 20, and Abdulghani Al-Qawbaee, 25, sustained wounds while driving in an off road in Moha on Friday/Multiple websites.
  10. The injury of the two men comes a day after a civilian was also killed by a landmine in Hodeidah province. Mohammed Ahmed Jerbah was killed in Al-Durayhimi district, in the south of Hodeidah, when a Houthi landmine exploded while he was shepherding goats./Yemen Sky
  12. The political parties in Taiz accuse the UN of coveringthe Houthi crimes/The Arab Network for News
  14. An elderly man and owner of a mosque (by the name Hizam Al-Qushayri) was found dead in Qaflat Adher district in Amran on Ramadan 30, two days after the Houthi militia reluctantly freed him from jail under tribal pressures. Al-Qushayri's body was found dumped in an old aquifer, it has been confirmed./Alsahel Algharbi and other websites.
  16. The Houthi militia launched (in Sana'a on Saturday)

summer camps for the radicalization of children in preparation to deploy them to the war fronts./Khabar News Agency


  1. Two Security Belt paramilitary officers were killed and others were injured in an attack by gunmen in Al-Dhale'a (south Yemen on Friday evening)/Multiple websites. Note: Days ago some sources including 'Taiz News' facebook page (run by a young man from Lahj named Abdullah Khuleidi) ran a story on an ambiguous release of some Al-Qaeda prisoners in Lahj!?
  3. The Security Belt officers were killed in fire exchange with Al-Qaeda gunmen/Aden Voice
  5. A Houthi sniper shot injured a soldier from the [Arab Coalition-aligned] Combined Forces in Aljarrahi frontlines south of Hodeidah.The soldier Ashyad Ghaylan Ahmed Saeed was shot today, as the Houthi militia continue to violate the truce/Aden Alghad
  7. The Houthi snipers have been shooting fire toward trapped civilians in Kelabah neighborhood in the besieged city of Taiz since they shot injured two citizens yesterday evening (Friday)./Almanarah Net.

  9. As summer refreshment courses begin, Houthis issue strict orders to headmasters and teachers in Amran province to intensify radicalization courses and conscript the schoolchildren to the warfronts/Almashehad Alyemeni.
  11. Fierce clashes renew between the Giant Forces and Houthis in Malaa of Harib south of Marib as the Houthi militia launch an offensive with ground fighters and armed drones/Almashehad Alyemeni
  13. The Houthis are launching artillery attacks on Alafari village in Al-Sayyahi area west of Taiz. The militia's sniper stationed over Al-Khilwa hill in the same area is shooting fire toward pedestrians and houses and forcing shepherds of the village to flee (with their goats)/Taiz Time

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