The Shia's eternal war in Yemen

The Shia's eternal war in Yemen

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


  • Taiz

Shia extremists killed two civilians in the Yemeni besieged city of Taiz on Friday, local sources have said.


The extremists, well-trained snipers belonging to the Houthi militia besieging the city, shot young men Bassam Mohammed  and Moosa Sadeq in Kilabah neighborhood and  near Zayd Almowshiki's roundabout respectively, all within the city center the foreign-backed militia have been besieging for seven years.

The residents of Kilabal neighborhood are reported to be holed up in their houses now and unable - until this Friday evening- to go out for fear or more sniper shootings.

The extremists are stationed in what was known before the war as the "Central Security Camp" and others stationed elsewhere periodically gun down civilians on sight out sectarian and regionalist hatred motives.

The Houthi militia have not stopped shelling and killing civilians in Taiz despite the UN declared truce at the beginning of April and on Wednesday a Houthi drone dropped bombs near a crowded amusement park critically injuring security guards and civilians.


  • Marib

Houthis renewed their attack on Marib this Friday evening, battlefield sources have said.

The international community's militia are trying to press forward in Marib's southern frontlines with several dozens of fighters and vehicles as part of the non-stopping breaches of the so-called "UN-brokered truce" declared in early last month and amidst a deli/berate UN silence and d.evil.ish joy in private.

In the name of saving peace, the in.ternat.ional co.mmunity disrupted the war on the terrorist militia years ago, exercised press.ures to restrain. the legitimate army and allowed the Shia militants to fight an endless war against Sunni population.

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