'Sana'a residents: Happiness and Houthis do not belong together': Press

'Sana'a residents: Happiness and Houthis do not belong together': Press

  1. Hanaa, a housewife and mother of five in Sana'a, utters a sigh of relief over the passage of Eid Al-Fitr peacefully in her family .. as she at least managed to fool her children into happiness in the holiday. Due to the lack of salary payments and prohibitive soar of prices, she had to buy her children second-hand clothes for the Eid and endure persuading them they are new even though they have noticed they are not and featured hopelessness in their faces. "The Eid holiday is gone. We didn't feel happy in it. Life has become too hard and happiness's become rare, as though happiness in the eyes of the Houthi militia [controlling Sana'a] is a crime," she says. /Investigative report on Almanarah Net website
  2. The chairman of the governmental commission in charge of removing the blockades on Taiz road says the UN brokered truce is unilateral – from the army's side only. He said the Houthi militia's truce breaches have resulted in 51 causalities in the first month and few days since the truce's declaration/Taiz Time and other websites.
  3. The Arab Coalition frees Houthi prisoners and transports them to Yemen as part of a series of good faith messages to Iran/Multiple websites.
  4. A second coalition airplane arrives in Aden carrying freed Houthi militants/Almashehad Alyemeni
  5. More than 50 Houthi truce violations in Taiz during the (three-day) Eid Al-Fitr holiday/Alharf 28.
  6. Houthi snipers target fire on civilians in Kalabh neighborhood in Taiz/Saba Net
  7. The Houthi militia's snipers besiege a neighborhood in Taiz after killing two of its residents/Bawabati
  8. A founder of the Houthi movement, Saleh Habrah, attacks his own group arguing they won't quit the war even if it lasts a hundred years since the warmongers within the group profiteer from it./Multiple websites
  9. Houthi landmine kills a civilian in Hodeidah. And a farm of Houthi landmines in Marib/Yemen TV facebook page and Yemen Sky news website
  10. Northern winds exposed the farm of buried landmines in Harib district of Marib. Several camels had been killed by the landmines there/Marib News
  11. Houthi high way robbers have executed a young man while he was returning home from an Eid Al-Fitr visit to his relatives in Dhamar, south of Sana'a/Newsline

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