Yemeni rial resumes depreciating versus other currencies: Press summary

Yemeni rial resumes depreciating versus other currencies: Press summary


  1. The Yemeni rial has resumed depreciating versus other currencies in Sana'a and Aden, after weeks of improvement over the declaration of a new presidential council. A US dollar is now traded for 1020 riyals in Aden. /Multiple websites
  2. The Houthi group launched attacks, with armed drones, on amusement parks in southwestern Yemen's Taiz city on Wednesday, causing panic amongst visitors to in Garden City Park, injuring ten policemen guarding the park and civilians as well as the incinerating of two police cars./Yemen Monitor
  3. Casualties in the Houthi drone attack on Taiz amusement park/Multiple websites

  4. The army has thwarted Houthi incursion attempts along the frontlines of Marib/September Net (the Defense Ministry's website)
  5. "Continuous Houthi bombardment of Taiz to spoil the Eid Al-Fitr Holiday. A clear breach of the truce that was declared a month and five days ago but has no effect on the ground… At 9:0 am today (Wednesday), the third day in the Eid Al-Fitr Holiday, the Houthi enemy through four drones dropped mortar rounds in the vicinity of Taiz Security Department, the neighborhood where the department lies especially Al-Qiyada Street and Garden City amusement park, which led to injuring more than 10 civilians and security men and damage of civilian and police cars." Words of the spokesman of the Taiz army Abdulbaset Albahr/Crater Sky website
  6. The Houthi militia commit a massacre in Taiz in the third day in Eid al-Fitr Holiday/Almashehad Alyemeni
  7. Breaking news: Houthi attack on children's amusement park in Taiz/Aden Alghad
  8. Four drones hit a residential neighborhood in Taiz killing and injuring more than 10 civilians and security men./Yeni Yemen
  9. The army downs a Houthi armed drone in Marib/Yemen Voice
  10. Have a look at how Houthis forced their own form of Eid Al-Fitr prayer in Ibb/Yemeni Sport and Yemen Voice
  11. Fifteen Houthi ceasefire breaches in the western coast on Tuesday/Alyaqeen
  12. The chief of staff of the Yemeni army: Everyday the army suffers loses to martyrdom and injuries due to Houthi ceasefire breaches/Marib News
  13. Houthisreveal their intent to create a cooking gas crisis for the people of Sana'a, alleging that the Arab coalition is detaining a vessel laden with 8 thousand tons of it./Voice of Yemen
  14. Houthi militia have been closing Fun City, a major private amusement park in Sana'a, to force its owners to relinquish it for the militia/Yemen TV
  15. The Yemeni army foil a Houthi infiltration attempt south of Marib/Multiple websites
  16. Houthis force a sectarian form of prayer call (Adhan) in Ibb/Yeni Yemen



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