Shia terrorists intensify war in Taiz

Shia terrorists intensify war in Taiz

Yemen's Shia terrorist network of Houthis continue to intensify military aggression around the country's central city of Taiz which they besiege for seven years amidst international silence.


Scores of Shia militants tried to make infiltrations toward the army-controlled city center from the city's east but were met with fierce resistance from both the army and popular resistance forces.

Local sources said 24 fighters from both sides were killed and injured in the confrontations of today, Tuesday, which marks the second day in the Eid Al-Fitr Festivity.  

Despite a western-brokered "truce" and pressure on the Arab Gulf states to keep offering more and more "good gestures" for the Shia including cessation of aerial help for the unarmed Yemeni army's defensive operations, the Shia continue their expansionist war in the key frontlines of Taiz, Marib and Hodeidah.



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