There is no truce in Yemen. There is a quiet Houthi war that the media is silent about

There is no truce in Yemen. There is a quiet Houthi war that the media is silent about

While the Arab Coalition has truly halted its defensive airstrikes in assistance to the Yemeni army in Marib since the beginning of last month, Houthis have never stopped hostilities against the eastern city and western towns remaining outside the Shiit militia's control.

The Shia militants engaged the army in six hours of fierce confrontations in Al-Kassara front west of Marib yesterday, the Eid Al-Fitr festivity day, trying to gain advances into the city and 40 fighters from both sides were killed and injured, as local sources said.  


In the same day, the militants besieging the western Yemen Taiz city launched an unprovoked salvo of rockets and mortar rounds on neighborhoods in the east of the city causing families to evacuate their houses and seek shelters.

In the country's north, the militia heavily bombarded army positions in Aljadafer front, in Aljawf province, killing a soldier and injuring two others.

The Houthi unilateral escalation has been continuing since the declaration of the UN-brokered truce punctuated only by some recession to low-intensity fighting modes in some days of Ramadan.

And even in those relatively calm days, the externally-backed Shia heightened their crackdown on Sunni mosques in Sana'a, Ibb and elsewhere killing several worshippers, injuring others, desecrating mosques and banning prayers.



Shia terrorists intensify war in Taiz

Yemen's Shia terrorist network of Houthis continue to intensify military aggression around the country's central city of Taiz which they besiege for seven years amidst international silence.

Scores of Shia militants tried to make infiltrations toward the army-controlled city center from the city's east but were met with fierce resistance from both the army and popular resistance forces.

Local sources said 24 fighters from both sides were killed and injured in the confrontations of today, Tuesday, which marks the second day in the Eid Al-Fitr Festivity.   

Despite a western-brokered "truce" and pressure on the Arab Gulf states to offer more good gestures for the Shia including cessation of aerial help for the unarmed Yemeni army's defensive operations, the Shia continue their expansionist war in the key frontlines of Taiz, Marib and Hodeidah.

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