Elderly woman loses leg in Houthi landmine blast

Elderly woman loses leg in Houthi landmine blast

An elderly woman lost her leg in a blast of a Houthi-laid landmine in her village in Yemen's central Taiz province on Thursday, Taiz Human Rights Center and several local media outlets have reported.

The woman, in her stepped on a landmine in her village of Almaja'isha in Maqbana district west of Taiz's besieged provincial capital before it exploded severing her leg and causing her burns over the rest of her body, the sources said. The incident comes a couple of days, after a woman was killed and her husband was injured, from a similar landmine blast in the same province.

Yemen's Shia extremists have planted over two million landmines in the country since 2014, of which only around 320 thousand have been removed. Thousands of people have been killed and injured by the militia's landmines.



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