A civilian shot injured by Houthi sniper in Taiz: Press Summary

A civilian shot injured by Houthi sniper in Taiz: Press Summary

  1. Ahmed Jamil Al-Roayni, a civilian aged 28, was injured as a Houthi sniper shot him in his neck in Osayfira neighborhood, north of the besieged city of Taiz on Wednesday, local sources have said. Hundreds of civilians have come under Houthi sniper shooting in the city/Alharf 28 and other websites
  3. The Yemeni government has warned the UNHCR against sharing collected information on IDPs in Marib with Houthisover fears the terrorist militia will be able to identify and do harm to their relatives living in the militia's areas of control./Bawabati
  5. One of the most prominent heart surgeons in Taiz, Sultan Al-Dobaee, was injured as a woman suddenly stabbed him Taiz city on Wednesday evening over unknown reasons/Multiple websites.
  7. Houthis exercise pressures to get Sana'a Airport fights resumed on the militia's own terms/Yafe'a News
  8. Houthis attack fuel tank trucks in Aljawf and engage local tribes in armed clashes/Yemeni Sport
  10. The Saudi mine action program MASAM removed 340 anti-vehicle landmines in Ayn district of Shabwa today (Thursday)./24 Post
  12. Parricide crimes on the rise in Houthi areas as newly radicalized members in the Houthi militia's brainwashing courses turn on their relatives out of inability to coexist with them/Alsahwa Net.

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