Houthi sniper kills two brothers in Dhale'a: Press Summary

Houthi sniper kills two brothers in Dhale'a: Press Summary

  1. As the UN stands by the truce it announced at the outset of the current month of April and does not unveil the Houthi breaches against civilians, the Houthi militia killed two brothers in Al Dhale'a province in the south of the country. Local source said Yahya Alzohri, 40, and his brother Solueiman,35,were shot dead by a Houthi sniper in Qaataba district in Al Dhale'a/Yemen Voice
  3. A Houthi sniper shot two brothers in their heads killing them immediately in Al Dhale'ayesterday/Multiple websites
  5. Upon tipoffs from locals, MASM experts survey areas in Jerban desert and Alsahali regions in Aljawf and remove 350 Houthi-laid landmines within days/Crater Sky
  7. The Yemeni rial begins to depreciate versus other currencies again /Multiple websites
  9. The Association of Mothers of Yemeni Hostages in the Houthi militia's jails have unveiled (in their annual report) that the militia kidnapped 500 civilians and threw them in detention facilities in the year 2021 alone. In the report, the Association called on the concerned to distinguish hostages from prisoners since the Houthi militia have in custody both civilian hostages and arrested army members./Mandab Press and other websites.




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