Floods and winds sweep tents of IDPs in Marib: Press Summary

Floods and winds sweep tents of IDPs in Marib: Press Summary

  1. Floods and winds have swept the tents of 1200 internal displacees in Abu Janb and Alorwayk areas in Yemen's Marib province leaving families stranded in the desert without shelters or food./Marib News facebook page.
  2. A woman was killed and her husband was injured in a Houthi landmine explosion in Taiz/Almanarah Net.
  3. The Houthi militia have committed 1924 violations of the truce in different parts of Yemen in three weeks, the Yemeni army said on Monday/Multiple websites
  4. Benefactors in Houthi areas try to provide Ramadan aid (food packs) to needy families in secrecy to avoid the terrorist militia's crackdown/Almanarah Net.
  5. The Houthi militia in Amran (north of Sana'a) stipulate the payment of Ramadan compulsory alms on the locals for the sale of cooking gas to them/Almashehad Alyemeni
  6. Five people have been killed and injured by torrential rains in Sana'a and Hajjah/Alharf 28
  7. Marib: Heavy rains and winds batter IDPs camps/Aden Alghad
  8. Rains exacerbate the suffering of the IDPs in Marib/Yemen Monitor.
  9. High way robbery continues to block humanitarian and commercial movement between Aden and Taiz in the same spot where Abdulmalik Al-Sanabani was killed/Yemeni Post


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