Woman killed, husband injured by Houthi landmine in Taiz

Woman killed, husband injured by Houthi landmine in Taiz

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

A woman was killed and her husband was injured by a Houthi-laid landmine in Yemen's central Taiz city on Monday afternoon, the Yemeni Observatory on Landmines has said.

The couple were returning from their farm back to village in Maqbana district to the west of the besieged city when a landmine exploded killing the woman and wounding the husband who was identified as Ibraheeem Mahyoob.

The terrorist militia of Houthis have planted the largest number landmines since WW2 and the Yemeni government said this month the total number planted thus far (since 2014) is two million and three hundred thousand landmines.

One (Saudi) mine action program, MASAM, has recently announced removing 320 thousand landmines since it began operating in Yemen in mid-2018. The rest of the landmines remain a threat and they have so far killed and wounded hundreds of people in the country.

International organizations. try. as. much. as possible. to keep. readers in. the dark about the atrocities of the Houthi militia whose terrorism is rooted in Shiit faith!

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