FM stresses the imperative of breaking Taiz siege: Press Summary

FM stresses the imperative of breaking Taiz siege: Press Summary

  1. In a meeting with the UN Special Envoy today, Yemen's Foreign Minister Ahmed A. bin Mubarak stressed the imperative stressed the imperative of breaking the seven year Houthi siege on Taiz city./Multiple websites
  3. The Yemeni rial slightly rebounds versus other currencies over the return of the government to Aden/Multiple websites.
  5. Thirteen people were killed and injured by Houthi landmines in Aljawf on Saturday/Ayn Alamhra website

  7. The Houthi militia launch an attack in Hays of Hodeidah trying to infiltrate into army controlled areas/Ababeel Net
  9. Two rights organizations demand the Presidential Leadership Council to address the issue of militia-imprisoned hostages in the country urgently./Yemen Monitor
  11. - High tensions among rival Houthi factions in Sana'a as Mohammed Ali Houthi sends military pickups to besiege house of another Houthi figure Ahmed Hamed/Multiple websites
  13. Yemen's Foreign Minister calls on the UN envoy to prevent the Houthi militia from seizing the truce to amass fighting forces./Almashehad Alkhaleeji.
  15. The Houthi militia force traders in Al-Kaeda area in Ibb to donate publicly to finance its anti-government war. The traders drop cash bundles onto a tarp spread along the street, made so public to entice others to pay. See picture from Saturday /Multiple websites.

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