The Shia's eternal war in Yemen. Fri-Sat. 15-16 April

The Shia's eternal war in Yemen. Fri-Sat. 15-16 April


  1. Huge Houthi military reinforcements including a tank and 11 pickup trucks carrying dozens of [Shia] armed militants arrived to the southern frontlines of Marib./Yemen Voice
  2. Clashes erupted in Raymah (north Yemen province) on Friday over the Houthi bombing of a (Sunni) Quran center. Seven including the Houthi militant who masterminded the center's bombing/Multiple websites
  3. Houthi militants stormed a new [Al-Eman] mosque in Sana'a on Friday, assaulted and arrested worshipers and forced the mosque to quit the Taraweeh Prayer./Multiple sources.
  4. Clashes, instigated by the Houthi militia in Sana'a, have erupted between the biggest two Yemeni tribes (Hashed and Bakil) in Amran on Friday over the demarcation of their territorial borders. Comes in keeping with the Houthi mood of driving wedge between tribes to disintegrate them as in Arhab, a few kms north of Sana'a /Multiple websites
  5. Houthi militants are still fighting a unilateral war south of Hodeidah and in Taiz, firing a salvo of artillery shells and rockets on both army targets and residential neighborhoods as usual throughout the year. Several families in Hays (Hodeidah) reportedly evacuated their villages/Multiple sources.
  6. Houthi militants are heavily shelling the army's positions near Mastaba district in Hajjah ceasefire violations that haven't stopped since the Arab Coalition's cessation of air raids/Military sources.
  7. Twelve Houthi militants were killed and injured and three government soldiers were killed as Houthis launched an attack on the army in Al-Balaq mountains, south of Marib, on Saturday afternoon./Military sources
  8. A soldier was killed and another was injured in Houthi rocket shelling on army sites near Al-Hazm city of Aljawf/Crater Sky


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