Man dies of torture in Houthi jails: Press Summary

Man dies of torture in Houthi jails: Press Summary

  1. Rami Hassan Mohammed Ghazi, a 24-year-old from Alshajaah village in north Yemen's Hajjah died of horrific torture in a jail in the province on Tuesday after three months of detention in the Houthi militia's "Preventive Security Apparatus" jail, it has been reported./Multiple news websites

  2. Houthi militants exploit the truce and push out military reinforcement to Marib./Yemen Voice
  3. Armed confrontations erupt between Hashed and Bakil tribes north of Sana'a after decades of cessation of fighting between the tribes. Some casualties have fallen/Yemeni Post
  4. The Yemeni Organisation for Media Personnel says Houthis have been holding a female journalist (Nadia Moqbel) a hostage for two weeks./Bawabati
  5. Houthis have committed 489 ceasefire breaches since the Arab coalition declared ceasefire towards them/ The Media Center of Taiz's Military Axis.
  6. Taiz: Two soldiers have been killed and 16 others wounded in Houthi attacks since the start of the truce on April 2/Alharf 28
  7. Houthis committed 143 ceasefire violations on all Yemen frontlines in one day (Thu. 14 April)/The Media Center of Yemen's Armed Forces.
  8. The Yemeni foreign ministry says it has set up a team for negotiating with Houthi militants over lifting the militia's seven year siege on Taiz city/Multiple websites.
  9. Yemen's Foreign Minister: Lifting Taiz's siege is one of the priorities of the truce agreement and it will serve millions of marooned citizens/Almanarah Net.
  10. Two young civilians were killed and others were injured in Houthi landmine explosion in Aljawf. Mansoor Shamlool and his brother Yusuf were killed when their car hit the landmine./Almashehad Alyemeni.
  11. Child soldier recruitment: 18 Houthi traps from whih Houthis scoop child fighters/Marib Press
  12. Houthis bring huge military reinforcements to Marib and Houthi armed drones tried to strike army positions/Yemeni Sport
  13. Exploiting the army's adherence, Houthis step up breaches of the ceasefire/Yeni Yemen.
  14. The Houthi militia's intelligence agencies have created new ways for gathering information about the residents of Sana'a/News Yemen
  15. People of Sana'a take to the streets and chant: Leave Houthis"/Newsline
  16. The Houthi militia earn 34 billion Yemeni riayls as profits from just four fuel vessels/Al-Rasif Press

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