The Shia's eternal war in Yemen: Thursday 14 April 2022

The Shia's eternal war in Yemen: Thursday 14 April 2022

*In spite of an ongoing truce:

-   The Yemeni army has repelled four invasion attempts by the [Shia] Houthis in Marib, Aljawf and Hodeida provinces in the past hours./Source: The Media Center of the Armed Forces

-    Houthi militants are amassing huge military reinforcements and digging trenches in the vicinity of Al-Qabbayta district of Lahj (north of Aden) prompting the army to issue a statement and warn civilians of presence near the Houthi sites/Multiple websites

-   Breaking news: A man was killed and five others were wounded in a Houthi rocket shelling on the city of Marib./Crater Sky website

-   Houthi militants storm a [Sunni] Quran center in Raymah and set it ablaze/Aden Alghad

-   The army repelled infiltration attempts by armed Houthi regiments. The militants sought to overrun army sites in Haradh west of the [north Yemen] Hajjah province/Multiple websites

-   Houthis shell villages in Maqbana district of Taiz forcing six families to evacuate houses and leave/Two sources

-   In the past 24 hours: 61 Houthi violations of the ceasefire in six separate provinces/Ayn Almahra website

-   The Houthi militia have fired a ballistic missile and artillery shells on villages in the district of Harib, south of Marib.

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