Shia's war on Marib knows no stop

Shia's war on Marib knows no stop

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

The truce of the "United Nations!!" is in its eleventh day.

And the terrorist Shia are stepping up more and more their war on Marib province, the government's last stronghold and refuge center of millions of Sunni Yemenis.

The Shia, known as Houthis, began the morning of Wednesday with two ballistic missiles on Al-Rowdha, a residential neighborhood north of the provincial capital. Three people, a woman, a young girl and a boy, were severely injured in their sleep as a shell penetrated their house.

 Military sources along the southern frontlines of the province confirmed that the Houthis "tried hard as usual" to overrun the army's sites in Al-Balaq but "were thwarted after three hours of constant fighting" and "dozens of casualties mainly on the side of the attackers."

Two sources in the battlefield said the militants have began "attacking the army in different zones along the long frontlines after they (Houthi Shia) deployed three tanks, 20 BMB fighting vehicles and apparently more than 70 fighters from [the neighboring] Aljawf province through the desert road and into Al-Alam front where they stationed themselves last night."

The Houthis are doubling down on a seven year uninterrupted war against the Sunni majority and the government – even the mere notional concept of it- as an iron.ical Saudi-led inter.vention to "defeat Houthi putschists" and restore the government has accomplished the exact opposite: the government and surren.dering the north.ern half. of the. country. to the Shia.


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