Government forces thwart fiercest Houthi attack on Marib since truce began: Press Summary

Government forces thwart fiercest Houthi attack on Marib since truce began: Press Summary


  1. The government foces have managed to thwart the fierest Houthi attack on Marib since the start of the truce (on April)2.Scores of fighters were killed and injured./Ababeel Net website
  2. The Yemeni presidential council is at crossroads between peace and war/Almashehad Alkhaleeji website
  3. Big Houthi attack on Marib/Crater Sky
  4. Gundberg's visit to Sana'a is an outcome of Muscat's closed consultations/Ayn Almahrah
  5. Marib: Heavy shelling and intense war after the Houthi violation of the truce and confrontations expand./Yemeni Sport
  6. Two Houthi ballistic missiles fired on Alrowdha neighborhood in Marib this morning have left casualties/Multiple websites
  7. Jordanian female journalist: ST militiamen teased me and tried to rape me/Bawabati
  8. Storming houses and kidnapping citizens. Houthi crimes spike in the militia's areas of control/Alsahwa Net
  9. Heavy explosions ring through Marib incurring victims, as Houthis attack the province from different axes.
  10. Yemeni writer Khaled Al-Rowayshan addresses the UN envoy: Before seeking to reinstate the central bank to the Houthi control in Sana'a, think of removing the Houthi blockade of Taiz./Multiple websites
  11. The army repels a Houthi assault in the south and west of Marib/Bawabati
  12. Nine Yemeni organizations are demanding the UN special envoy to pressure the Houthis to hand over a map of the landmines the armed militia have planted in the country./Multiple websites
  13. Houthi sniper shoots injured an elderly woman in the besieged city of Taiz. The sniper shot 50-year-old Tawhida Mohammed Aljunayd, in her head while she was walking in heer neighborhood of Osayfirah and now she is lying in an intensive are unit/Almashehad Alkhaleeji website,Crater Sky website and other sources.

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