Yemen's truce holds and brings rewards. But for the Shia only

Yemen's truce holds and brings rewards. But for the Shia only

The UN-brokered truce between the government and Houthis in Yemen  is indeed holding and bringing rewards for the terrorist theocratic Shia only, and never for the other side, the beleaguered cities held by the government.

Since it entered into effect, the promises to the Houthis in the truce are being delivered as the Arab coalition allowed the entry of increased  "humanitarian" aid and fuel shipments to the Shia-controlled Hodeidah seaport, while the Shia maintain their encirclement and the war on government-held cities mainly and Marib as usual as before the truce.

"In fact, the Houthi war on our besieged (western city of) Taiz has become more intense after the truce," activist Ghaleb Abdullah  told Alsahwa referring to the past days' heavy shelling on formerly safe Beer Basha neighborhoods near the city center." "The truce addressed Houthis' demands in Sana'a and Hodeidah and left lifting Taiz siege  in doubt. This is what made them perceive it as a new a dose of UN emboldening and as a victory."        

On the outlying districts of (the eastern city of) Marib, the terrorist Shia have continued the invasion attempts and resumed firing ballistic missiles as of the date of the truce's entry into effect. Sources in the Defense Ministry and the southern frontlines report daily fierce confrontations as the militants seek to battle their way into the city "in just the same way they have been doing in the past seven years." The Defense Ministry issues daily updates about the truce violations which cover all frontlines in Yemen especially Taiz and Marib.

"Ferocious Houthi attack on the southern (Marib) frontlines in these moments," Suhayb Ahmed, a pro-army activist posted on Facebook on Tuesday morning.  Hours later sources in the field said the army thwarted a major attack in which dozens of fighters were killed and injured.

The day before, the army had thwarted an attack and killed thirty militants led by a man named Yahya Alyosufi.

On the sidelines of the battles, the Shia have also been pushing out and amassing large military and human reinforcements including tanks to the Maribi outskirt of Aljooba in preparation for major battles.

*Yemenis lambast UN's obsession with bothside-ism to save Houthis from blame

Criticism to the UN is growing as the international organization turns back to the Houthi truce violations and calls all "warring sides" to cease hostilities without willingness to single out Houthi violators with the blame. 

"The UN envoy is calling both sides to cease fire and adhere to truce despite the fact it is only Houthis who are attacking and the army in Marib is known to be, as ever, on the defensive. Even the Saudi-led Arab coalition which the media hypes their involvement in Yemen offer only defensive help to the army near Marib. And these air raids have completely stopped since the start of the truce," Najib Alhattami, a senior activist said.

"Now it is only the Houthis attacking, continuing their war, which never knows stoppage.  So when the UN envoy says both sides should cease hostilities, as in his latest tweets, it means the army too has to stop shooting. And what does that mean? It means stopping the defensive and letting Houthis in!!," he said. "What is this? Throughout the past seven years, couldn't the UN single out the terrorists with blame even for one time?"

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