Houthis launch fierce attack on Marib despite truce

Houthis launch fierce attack on Marib despite truce

Yemen's Shia extremists, known as Houthis, are waging a ferocious attack on the army in the southern frontlines of Marib governorate using drones, artillery and armored vehicles to violate truce, exploiting the absence of the Arab Coalition warplanes.

Sources in the battlefield said the Houthis have sacrificed large numbers of radicalized fighters from Friday to Saturday as the militia continue their habitual mad dashes in bid to seize the army's positions in Al-Akad Alramli hill in Al-Balaq mountains.   

The source the militia used "intensive artillery shelling to weaken the army's fortifications before seizing them, but ran into stiff resistance."

From the beginning of the war, the Shia enjoy special freedom to continue their barbaric sectarian war without heeding tens of truce declarations or coming under any serious western pressures.

After every truce collapse resulting from this, UN and western officials -ignoring everything – come up with statement that persistently reset the meter to zero and call again for newer and newer "peaceful" chances.


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