Army repels attack by the Houthi militias south of Marib: Press Summary

Army repels attack by the Houthi militias south of Marib: Press Summary


  1. The army's artillery repelled an armored attack by the Houthi militias south of Marib on Saturday dawn. The militia used waves of fighters, pickup trucks and BMBs/Yeni Yemen website
  3. Fighting is continuing in Marib today following an attack by the Houthis./Crater Sky website
  5. Fierce fighting is raging in the frontlines of Marib, Taiz and Hodeidah./Multiple websites
  7. By the fiftieth day of the truce, Houthis have committed 80 violations./Yemen Voice
  9. Houthi militia announce rejection of the Arab Coalition's unilateral truce and launch a massive attack on the positions of the Yemeni army south of Marib governorate/Marib Press
  11. Houthis break the truce with a large-scale attack on Marib/Anaween Post
  13. Foreign currencies' exchange rate picks up again in Aden after a brief losse to the Yemeni rial over the news of a Saudi and Emirati financial deposit/Crater Sky
  15. Money exchange businesses in Sana'a buy foreign currencies cheap but do not sell them/Multiple websites
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  17. Two Houthis were killed as tribesmen attacked a police station run by the militia in Dar Salm region in Sana'a on Saturday. The tribesmen wanted to release a female relative they say was arbitrarily kidnapped and detained/Almashehad Alyemeni and other websites.
  19. A Yemeni official said on Friday nearly 2 million Houthi landmines are still under the surface of the earth despite the removal of hundreds of thousands of mines already. Deuty Human Rights Minister Nabil Abdulhafeedh said the militia, since 2014, have planted 2,300,000 landmines in different parts of Yemen and 1.800 thousand landmines are still waiting to be removed/24 Post.
  21. The Houthi militia's spokesman Mohammed Abdusalam described in a tweet President Hadi's handover of power "a step toward escalation" and called on what he named as the "Yemeni people" to continue "the national liberation battle," in reference to the theocratic militia's expansionist war/Multiple websites.
  23. Yemen's Shia Houthis begin to force the population in their areas of control to not call for Sunset Prayer or break Ramadan fasting unless the stars become visible first. Many mosque preachers have been rounded up to jails to force them to sign adherence pledges/Multiple websites
  25. Houthis worsen the life of the people of Sana'a by doubling electricity bills/Alhekma Net

  27. A large scale Houthi attack is targeting Marib/Aden Alghad
  29. Tribal fighting continues north of Sana'a as Houthis aid and abet fighting within Arhab tribe/Multiple websites
  31. Houthis' past with agreements shows dim chances for the success of the current ceasefire/Dimensions Center for Studies and Researches.

  32. The final statement of the "Yemeni-Yemeni" consultations organized by Riyadh drop the military choice towards Houthis. The new Presidential Leadership Council calls for the beginning of negotiations with Houthis./Marib Press

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