Houthis commit violations against 128 organizations in 2016

Houthis commit violations against 128 organizations in 2016

The Houthi-Saleh militias committed  128 violations against organizations and associations in 2016 alone.

The Communication Program with Yemen Scholars issued a report revealing that the Houthi-Saleh militias caused missives loses of these organizations which exceeded YR1.5 billion.

Houthi-Saleh Militias on Wednesday killed three children and wounded four others as they indiscriminately bombed a populated neighborhoods close to the Military Hospital in the city of Taiz.

Houthi-Saleh Militias have been bombing the city of Taiz, leaving thousands of civilians killed and wounded.

The Houthi-Saleh Militias have prevented Under-Secretary-General and Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O'Brien on Saturday from visiting the city of Taiz to see the humanitarian situation there.

Meanwhile, Governor of Taiz last month held a meeting with O'Brien in Aden and discussed the possibility of providing relief and humanitarian assistances to the people of Taiz.

Al-Mamari stressed that Taiz is witnessing a dire situation due to the siege imposed by militias of the Houthis and Saleh for more than a year.

Al-Mamari called O'Brien to immediately visit the city and provided him with a report about the deteriorating humanitarian situation caused by the war.

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