Protesters deplore international ignorance of Yemen's severest crisis: Taiz siege

Protesters deplore international ignorance of Yemen's severest crisis: Taiz siege

Yemeni protesters have deplored the international ignorance of the strangling siege Houthi extremist militia have been imposing on the central Yemen city of Taiz for over seven years, the severest of all the crises in the country's war.

Dozens of protesters staged a rally in the city condemning both the UN and the Sa* government for addressing the Houthi demands of lifting the blockade on Hodeidah and Sana'a ports which Houthis want to use for military purposes and ignoring the real humanitarian crisis Shiit Houthi terrorists besieging Taiz impose on three million people.

"Against Selectiveness in Humanitarian Issues. The Ignorance the UN Exercises Towards the Taiz Siege Surpasses All What the Mind Can Feature," read some of the banners.

"There is no real blockade on Yemen or in Yemen in the country as the one which Houthis impose on Taiz," said protester Arafat Almaqtari.

Almaqtari said: "The international media blitz and international attention has always been steered to focus on the terrorist aggressors' demands: The Houthi demands to lift the so-called 'blockade' Sana'a Airport and Hodeidah Seaport. Even though Sana'a Airport always received aid for the Houthis and Hodeidah Seaport never stopped  receiving arms shipments, the international outcry revolves around them, while the real crisis in Yemen, Taiz siege, is deliberately ignored."

The international media has over the past seven years persistently pushed the demands of the western and S*di -backed Shiit aggressors to the fore and drowned out the voices of millions of Sunni victims.


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