Yemen: Reactions to the latest UN-brokered "truce" in the country

Yemen: Reactions to the latest UN-brokered "truce" in the country


These are some of the reactions of Yemeni government officials and activists to the April 2 "truce" between the Yemeni army and the Shia Houthi militants.


  1. Spokesman of the armed forces in Taiz Abdulbaset Al-Bahr said on facebook: There is no meaning for the truce as long as the Houthi strangling siege on Taiz city continues.Siege is a hostile and military action and one of the forms of combat." "Truce … should mean allowing freedom of movement on humanitarian grounds and freedom of admitting humanitarian aid to the besieged. And there are millions of civilians who have been suffering this deprivation for years in Taiz."

  2. Yemen's Foreign Minister Ahmed Awadh bin Mubarak told the French ambassador to Yemen in a meeting in Riyadh on Sunday that "lifting the Taiz siege should be given higher priority in in the consideration veof the countries with influence [in peace brokerage]."

  3. Yemeni MP Shawki Al-Qadhi said on social media: "Lifting the siege of the dynastic racist terrorist Houthi militia on Taiz city was a key part of the Stockholm Agreement, but we were shocked that the UN envoy at the time omitted that point in a barefaced collusion with Houthis against millions of Yemenis strangled by the siege and shelling."

  4. Muadh Sultan tweeted: "It is a ceasefire from the Arab coalition's side only. Houthis are still mobilizing forces to Marib"
  5. Activist Faysal Al-Hodhayfi: "The UN truce statement has met the full the demands of the Houthis: To open the Sana'a Airport and Hodeidah seaports. But it did not refer to the seaports and airports under A*b co*lition blockade in the liberated territories."

  6. Activist Abdullah Khleaydi said on Facebook: "They have agreed to open the Sana'a Airport and Hodeidah Seaport unconditionally, but as for the Taiz siege it is still up to future dialogue, even though the criminal Houthi militia have been besieging this city for eight years!"

  7. Activist Rami Al-Azzani tweeted: "Taiz Marib and the real victims should have been allowed to have independent representatives in the consultations [that led to this truce]." "Who should cease fire? "It is a new UN fishy deal that ignores the question of who is the aggressor and who is on the defensive."

  8. Rafe'a Alhassan, a journalist, wondered: "What is the meaning of "lifting blockade on Hodeidah Seaport" if the truth about it is that it has never been closed. It receives humanitarian aid, commercial shipments and even weapons cargos, the last of them last week, a couple of days before the truce. Do they mean it should be open for official import of weapons in full freedom? The port blockade is a lie and the international outcry is over it. The plight of three million people besieged by Khomeini ideology-inspired zealots in Taiz is the only remaining, longest standing and only real plight in Yemen, yet no one gives a damn *."

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