Yemen's unseen war: Whoever opposes Yemen's Shia dies assassinated

Yemen's unseen war: Whoever opposes Yemen's Shia dies assassinated


By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

Parallel to the war pitting the extremist Houthi Shia against the pro-government forces in the north, Yemen is also witnessing a less noticed war: A wave of assassinations against all high-profile oppositionists to Houthis in the south where the STC (another anti-government militia but supposedly anti-Houthi too) impose their rule.

Dozens of military and civilian supporters of the government and high-profile oppositionists to the Shia have been killed by "traffic collisions!" and car bombs and this type of murders has occurred at high frequency within the past few days:


  1. Wednesday 23 March 2022:
  1. Maj. Gen. Thabet Jawas, a senior military officer on the Houthi top wanted list (for his participation during the reign of former regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh in a war with Houthis and killing the terrorist group's then commander Hussein Al-Houthi in 2004) was assassinated by an ambiguous car bomb in Aden city.

  1. Thursday 24 March 2022:

Eight member soldiers from the Giants Brigades were killed in a car collision in Al-Saeed intersection (eastern Yemen's Shabwa) in an ambiguous car collision, a couple of months after their participation in the liberation of some of the province's peripheral areas from the control of the theocratic, expansionist Shia. 


  1. Tuesday 29 March 2022:

Officer Akram Almashreqi was killed as unknown assasins opened fire on him in Sheikh Otham in the city center of Aden. Almashreqi is a commander of one of factions within the STC militia, but he stood out for being an outspoken oppositionist to the Houthis.


  1. Thursday evening, 31 March 2022:

The commander of Brigade 12 within the Giants Brigades Ammar Abu Ali Al-Dhali'ee was killed in a car collision in Shabwa.


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