Houthis receive weapons shipment through Hodeidah port: Press Summary

Houthis receive weapons shipment through Hodeidah port: Press Summary


Press summary

  1. The Houthi militia have received a new high quality shipment of weapons including ballistic missiles, thermal rockets, Berhenv guns and other heavy weapons and 22 ambulance cars through Hodeidah Seaport. The Houthi militia received shipment on Friday evening, according to informed sources and have already begun shipping them to Sana'a and Sadda/Newsline and Yemen Voice websites
  2. The Yemeni army which is defending Marib has responded to the Gulf ceasefire call and declared halt of military operations even though it is only repelling Houthi incessant military push attempts on Marib.


On the other hand, the aggressors, the Houthis, have not announced ceasefire on Marib frontlines and are until these moments on Saturday pressing ahead with their non-stopping bloody push attempt as care-freely as they want./Multiple websites (A theme synthesized from their arguments).

  1. Clashes are ongoing between Houthis and the villagers of Al-Hayet in Amran (north Yemen) over the latter's celebration of the release of some prisoners from the militia's jails./Taiz Time website.
  2. Houthi landmine exploded and killed a civilian Ali Al-Tam Al-Hayek in the road connecting Marib and Aljawf on Friday/Multiple websites
  3. Houthis organize the biggest military parade in Al-Sabeen Square in Sana'a/Multiple websites
  4. Houthi gunmen shot dead a civilian, Muntaser Al-Raymi, at a checkpoint in Aljawf governorate on Saturday./ Bawabati
  5. Motivated by sectarian and regionalist (hatred), Houthis won't be easygoing when it comes to lifting Taiz siege: Writer Marwan Ghafouri/Crater Sky
  6. The army is repelling a fierce Houthi assault in Abs area of Hajjah in north Yemen/Multiple websites
  7. GPC party member Fadh Al-Sharafi: Since 2004, the terrorist Houthi group squandered thousands of peace opportunities, dishonored hundreds of peace agreements and circumvented dozens of initiatives … I therefore never expect the success of the UN peace mediation efforts/Crater Sky

  • Gathered by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


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