Fear grips the Houthi militia over prospects of any uprising by the hungry: Press Summary

Fear grips the Houthi militia over prospects of any uprising by the hungry: Press Summary

  1. Fear is now gripping the Houthi militia as an "uprising by the hungry" people might erupt in the capital Sana'a city and elsewhere at any moment. Boiling sentiments over the deterioration of economic conditions and rising prices are increasingly displayed as graffiti demanding an end to the militia's control of Sana'a, to which the militia are responding now with more crackdowns on the city's people./Arab Network News website
  3. The mine action program of MASAM said on Wednesday it had removed 1485 Houthi-laid landmines in different parts of Yemen in the fourth week of March. This raises the total landmines removed in the entire month to 5,395, it said./24 Post website.
  5. The only humanitarian corridor to the besieged Taiz city (Aden-Taiz highway) has been closed for the third day due to disputes among the STC militiamen in the road over taxation of the commercial trucks. /Multiple websites
  7. Houthis raise cooking gas prices to an imaginary level (8350 Yemeni rials per cylinder) up from 4700 rials. /Yemeni Post
  9. Saudi –sponsored Yemeni-Yemeni talks kick off in Riyadh in the presence of faction leaders and absence of Yemen's president, vice president, prime minister and other government officials/Multiple websites.

  11. The international NGO Reporters without Borders demands the inclusion of four journalists in Houthi captivity in the list of prisoners to be exchanged with the government/Alsahwa Net
  13. Fierce fighting as Houthis send waves of fighters to the Marib frontlines/Voice of Freedom.


  15. Marib governor apologizes for being too preoccupied with the defensive operation around Marib to attend the talks./Multiple websites

Houthis take advantage of the Arab Coalition's unilateral

 declaration of ceasefire to step up their ground invasion attempts on Marib/Multiple websites

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