Staple goods price rises by 30% in Houthi areas: Press Summary

Staple goods price rises by 30% in Houthi areas: Press Summary

Traditional Media

  1. The prices of staples is rising continuously in the Houthi militia-controlled territories and have as of last month risen by 30%/Voice of Freedom website
  2. Bone breaking battles are intensifying in Sana'a as the Houthi militia launch a massive arrest campaign against site commanders looting weapons from Al-Sawad Camp./Voice of the Homeland
  3. Houthi militia still intercept fuel truck convoys heading from Marib to Sana'a maintaining the crisis in the regions which they control/Multiple sources
  4. An explosive left by Houthis goes off and injures a child in Karesh of Lahj province/Yafe'a News
  5. Rights experts: Houthis are responsible for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen/ 24 Post

  6. Yemen's Minister of Information has called on the UN envoy to include four long-held and tortured journalists - held hostage by the Houthi militia in Sana'a - in the list of prisoners exchange proposal (They are namely Abdulkhaleq Emran, Tawfik Almansoori, Hareth Ahamid and Akram Al-Walidi.)/Mandab Press

  7. A man has died of torture in Houthi jails in Ibb/Alsahwa Net


*Social Media

- While Marib supplies the Houthi-controlled regions with cooking gas, Houthis seize gas cylinders in shipments to make them come back at Marib as explosives (Picture)./Facebook Post by Azzam Hanshal


- The economic crisis in Yemen is at deadly levels as Ramadan approaches/Tweet by Anaam Ahmed.


- The Houthi militia are waging multiple wars at a time: Inward (in own regions of control), outward in Marib and Taiz, on neighboring countries, and within themselves./Facebook Post by Najib Murad

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