To those who have taken the recent Houthi terror designation at face value

To those who have taken the recent Houthi terror designation at face value

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


Bear in mind that international designation of terror organizations in our Arab region is never the same across sects.

Simply put, when "Sunni" militant or (perceived to be militant) groups or individuals (like the secular Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein), these "Sunni" groups or individuals are uprooted through normal, full scale and determined wars.

These militants are at the end killed and MILLIONS of civilians may be killed and otherwise harmed alongside with them as a collateral casualty and the entire country may be turned to ruins!.   

On the other hand when real terrorists from the sect of the Shia is given the label (like Hezbollah as you have noticed) and (Houthis as you WILL  notice in the future), the designation resolution is drafted or applied in a different way which does not lead to any real measures that hurt.

 For groups whose background is Shia, terror designation (if it comes after years of waiting) does not mean shutting the door of so-called "negotiations" before them, not trace and dry their finances, and much less allow a real, unambiguous military assault to topple or weaken them.  Hezbollah, at any given moment, has new generations of military experts groomed at western universities.

The Houthi terror designation will make no difference. Houthis will continue to receive the supposed humanitarian aid for themselves and other types of aid, be offered invitations to dialogue tables for ever and ever, and allowed to wage their sectarian cleansing war for ever and ever.

 Be aware of the international double standards. Be aware of the international cons***acy. Be aware forever.  

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