'Sana'a: Moments before the big explosion' : Press Summary

'Sana'a: Moments before the big explosion' : Press Summary

  1. A worry is stealing the Houthi militia's sense of safety in Sana'a. And despair and frustration is in people's faces as famine is knocking on all doors. Bracing for the big explosion (public uprising) Houthis set up barricades and sand bags everywhere./Balqees TV.
  2. Yemen's Houthi militia have intensified their years long war on Marib and are launching ground attacks along the southern frontlines of the government-held province./Multiple websites
  4. Houthis more than double the price of food in Sana'a and the rest of territories under their control/Voice of Yemen
  6. Arab warnings of escalating terrorist operations in the aftermath of Jawas's assassination/Bawabati
  7. Houthis officially claim responsibility for the crime of assassinating military commander Jawas/Anaween Post
  8. The assassination of Jawas is a terror attack whose time was carefully chosen to confuse the political landscape/Crater Sky
  10. Houthis celebrate Jawas's death/Multiple websites
  12. Houthis will continue to assassinate all political and military figures amidst this disorder and lack of security/ Anaween Post
  14. Eight soldiers (Giants Brigade members) were killed in a ar collision in Shabwa this Thursday afternoon/ Multiple websites
  16. The Yemeni Journalists Union demands the assassins of journalist Fawaz Al-Wafi to be held accountable/Bawabati
  18. See in this video how Houthis ban a concrete factory owner in Nehm, Sana'a, from admitting a fuel shipment for his installation. A shocking example of what Houthi abuses of the people in the areas under their control/Voice of Yemen
  20. The Southern Transitional Council militia is conducting massive arrest campaign against civilians belonging to north Yemen in Aden/Alharf 28
  21. The mine action program of MASAM destroys 1000 Houthi landmines in west of Yemen/Almashehad Alkhaleeji
  23. Houthis close Shamlan, the oldest mineral water factory in Sana'a/Al-Rashad Press
  25. A human rights organization condemns the assassination of a political activist affiliate to the Islah party in eastern Yemen/ Almashehad Alkhaleeji
  27. Food prices increase in Sana'a/Crater Sky
  29. The Houthi militia are tightening the blockade on the public's access to fuel in Sana'a/ Alharf 28.

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