Houthi sniper kills an engineer in Taiz in front of his mother: Press Summary

Houthi sniper kills an engineer in Taiz in front of his mother: Press Summary


  1. A Houthi sniper shot dead a young Yemeni man and recent engineering graduate in front of his mother in Taiz city /Yemen Time news website.

  2. Houthis kill a Zaydi sect theology teacher in Aljawf/Bawabati website.

  4. Years of Houthi aggression on Taiz/Newsline
  6. Houthis impose new price increases on flour in Sana'a ahead of the month of Ramadan/Alharf 28.
  8. Seventeen army soldiers were killed and several others were injured by a number of S*di air**rikes in Marib's early today (Saturday)!/Multiple websites
  10. Houthis intensify attacks on the army in Marib in an unusual manner today/Almashehad Alyemeni
  12. Houthis kill a senior member, Abdurahman Almoayyad, in an internal fighting within the militia in Aljawf/Yemen Sky
  14. What is the meaning of a second UN resolution imposing arms embargo on Houthis if Houthis are still able to import arms as we have seen in the past days as one shipment was discovered (while already in the country in Al-Shaher port ). Not only able to, but they are the only faction in the country able to?! A million exclamation marks!/War News facebook page.
  16. An official report says 116 people were displaced from Marib due to the Houthi aggression last year/Yemen Monitor

The public sentiments are boiling in Sana'a and Houthis are trying to suppress a revolution (in its infancy)/Multiple websites.


  1. Chief of the Houthi so-called "Political" Council Mahdi Almashat orders iron fist strikes to preempt a massive popular uprising in Sana'a/Almashehad Alyemeni
  2. Rival Houthi warlords enter into confrontations over nefarious taxes they are imposing in Amran governorate, north of Yemen/Voice of Freedom


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