Houthis won't accept negotiation results that don't give them everything: Press Summary

Houthis won't accept negotiation results that don't give them everything: Press Summary


  1. The Houthi militia won't open up to negotiations, and, if they do, they will keep negotiating forever, Kuwaiti political analyst Ayed Almanna'a has said. He said the militia "won't accept negotiation results that don't give them everything."
  2. The Human Rights and Information Training Center,a Taiz-based NGO, said Houthis killed 114 civilians and injured including
  3. The donors conference for Yemen kicks off now / Multiple websites
  4. As many as 8000 African migrants arrived in Yemen in February, the IOM has said/24 Post
  5. Houthi militia men burns down houses and farms of civilians in north of Alfakher area in Al-Dhale'a province/Aden Alghad
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  7. The Houthi militia in Sana'a are monopolizing fuel in one petrol station while keeping all other stations closed../Voice of Freedom
  8. Houthis issue warning against the use of satellite internet in Yemen, something that threatens their monopoly over the internet and entire telecommunication in Yemen/Bawabati and other websites
  9. Houthis announce mounting a big attack on Abs region in Hajjah/Crater Sky
  10. Hard living conditions push many people to think of committing suicide in Sana'a/Multiple websites
  11. Activists: A father in Sana'a blows up his children )with a bomb in Sana'a./Taiz Time, a Facebook news page. Picture enclosed
  12. Six civilians (from the same family) were killed by a Houthi landmine in Hodeidah/Voice of Yemen
  13. In Taiz, people are digging trenches to walk through to avoid the risks of shooting by Houthi snipers/Taiz Time.

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