Two explosions rock Sana'a amidst tensions within desperate city: Press Summary

Two explosions rock Sana'a amidst tensions within desperate city: Press Summary

  1. Two explosions rang through Sana'a rising tensions in the Houthi militia-controlled Sana'a on Monday afternoon. The city is seeing unprecedented rivalries within the terrorist militia and public anger and vows of revolution due to the militia's puritan and repressive form of government, forcible recruitment of people to endless wars and policy of enrichment at the expense of the public./Multiple websites.
  2. A number of people were killed and injured in the second of the two explosions/Aden Voice
  3. Sana'a is on high alert and seeing an intensive deployment of masked Houthi gunmen/Multiple websites
  4. Houthis are fighting against government forces south of Marib with waves of new fighters intensifying the push to advance toward the government-held city./Almashehad Alyemeni and Yemeni Post websites
  5. A young man has been killed in a Houthi checkpoint in the central Yemeni governorate of Beidha/Almashehad Alyemeni websites
  6. A Houthi militant shoots dead two young men in a barber's shop in Ibb city before fleeing from the scene/Yeni Yemen
  7. New trend in corruption: Houthi militants are selling the front places in the long queues on stations/Alsahwa Net
  8. Houthis seized Sana'a using the pretext of fuel price increase. Are they going to be overthrown now because of the price increase too?/Almashehad Alyemeni.
  9. Yemen gas company unveils the truth about the propane gas crisis that Sana'a is going through and what abuses Houthis are committing against the people of the capital city/Voice of Yemen
  10. The government confirms that 55% of all domestic gas output is delivered to the Houthi-controlled regions/Voice of Freedom
  11. Yemeni journalist (Basim Aljanani) unveils that a Houthi warlord (Abdullah Al-Wazir) received a ship laden with 9488 tons of gas through Hodeidah seaport two weeks ago andhas since been offloading and storing this cargo in his private stores at a time when Sana'a is seeing an acute shortage of fuel./Alharf 28
  12. Here is a video clip showing a fuel tank truck detonated by Houthis. A cell led by a man called Ali Hussein Al-Houthi shot bullets on a fuel tank truck (laden with 90 thousand liters) causing it to explode in northern Yemen's Aljawf province. This followed a dispute between the militants and the truck's driver . Houthi militants have been intercepting fuel shipments [coming from Marib] /Yeni Yemen.
  13. This leaked document reveals the involvement of the Houthi militia's "Political Council" decision to make up the oil crisis in Sana'a by intercepting fuel tank trucks in Aljawf desert province/Marib News facebook page with the document attached.
  14. A number of people have been killed and injured in a Houthi missile that hit a market near the national oil company of Safer in Marib today./Almashehad Alyemeni website
  15. Houthi leader Sakina Hassan Zayd: Whoever wants gas or petrol, they should join the [anti-government] warfronts./Bawabati.


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