Yemen gas company exposes Houthi prohibitive increase of gas prices

Yemen gas company exposes Houthi prohibitive increase of gas prices

Gathered by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


  1. Yemen's national gas company (based in Marib) has said it is selling gas cylinders to the Houthi militia for YR 1700 (old banknotes) which the militants sell to their subjects (millions of Yemenis) at a price of YR 6000 (old notes too). The Houthi militia usually over-charge their subjects for fuel and seek to channel the public's anger toward the government in Marib/Multiple websites
  2. Bracing for a popular uprising in Sana'a, Houthis impose a state of emergency and threaten to annihilate millions of people/Voice of Freedom.
  3. Yemen's government calls on the international community to pressure the Houthi militia to stop abusing the prices of fuel/Alsahwa Net
  4. Yemen's foreign ministry condemn the Houthi demolishing of a Turkish memorial in Yemen/Multiple websites
  5. An oil tank truck (pictured) was damaged after hitting a Houthi landmine to the east of Alhazm city in [the northern Yemen province of] Aljawf. Local sources said the explosion slightly wounded the driver./Marib News
  6. Dozens of Houthi militants killed as they attacked the army sites south of Marib city/Multiple websites.
  7. Yemeni hostage: Sharp tools are used by Houthis in jails to torture and kill prisoners/Aden Alghad
  8. Human rights sources have unveiled that the Houthi militia kidnapped a displaced young man in Sana'a, killed him, looted his car and phone and dumped his body./Anaween Post
  9. The Yemeni Journalists Union condemns Houthi brutality and torture against journalists in the militia's jails in Sana'a/Yemen Monitor
  10. A hospital in Taiz (Al-Modhafar Hospital) issues a plea for assistance with diesel to power its generators warning the hospital will otherwise soon shut down./Alharf 28
  11. The public tensions against Houthis in Sana'a worsen the infighting within the militia/Alsahel Algharbi
  12. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) suspend operations in Marib after two of their workers disappeared while heading to Marib Hospital/Taiz Time

My comment on this story: This is an engineered kidnapping of sinister political motivations. In Abyan province further to the south two UN employees are said to have been kidnapped for a while. Abyan and Marib are two of the government's last pockets and the eyes of the extremist conspirers are on them. And the Shiit terrorist network of Houthis are but an implementing agency for those overly extremist, tireless (and easily recognized) conspirers against Yemen's government.




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