Houthis are deploying gunmen and checkpoints all over Sana'a: Press Summary

Houthis are deploying gunmen and checkpoints all over Sana'a: Press Summary


  1. Houthi militants are deploying gunmen and checkpoints in all the streets and neighborhoods of Sana'a and intensifying repression of the population and confiscation of freedoms as the militia braces for an imminent revolt against them./Multiple websites
  2. Houthi worry of popular revolt is mounting/Alsharq Al-Alwsat website
  3. Watch this video: A popular uprising against the Houthi militia starts in the streets of the capital city/Newsline (a headline on the website.)
  4. Protesters are planning to stage a rally in Sana'a tomorrow, Friday, to demand the end of the rule of Houthis as they starve the public and expend [north Yemen's] young generations in the militia's endless war/Multiple websites.
  5. Three of Al-Qaeda militants were killed fighting alongside the Houthi militia against the government forces in Marib/Ayn Almahra website
  6. Houthi suffer human and material losses in their attack on the northwestern front of Marib/Saba
  7. The Saudi mine action program MASAM dismantled this Thursday 1441 landmines extracted from Yemeni territories near Bab Almandab Straits. /Taiz Time
  8. As many as 1934 families were displaced by the Houthi militia's war in Yemen last February, the Yemeni Executive Unit for Management of IDPs Camps has said./Khabar News Agency
  9. Clashes between the government forces and Houthis have renewed in Marib's northwest/Alharf 28.
  10. The biggest tribe in Sana'a, Hamdan, has declared a state of high alert against the Houthis for wrongfully sentencing a member of the tribe to death/Yemen Voice.


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