International media covered the Yemeni war extensively. But from the Houthi perspective!

International media covered the Yemeni war extensively. But from the Houthi perspective!

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  1. Many Yemeni activists say the international media is covering the Ukrainian war extensively and this reminds them of how unfair these same outlets were in underreporting the war in Yemen.

The fact of the matter is Yemen has drawn way more attention than Ukraine.


In the past years especially 2015-2020, international and western media, research groups, and think-tanks focused more spotlight on the Yemeni war and made people in every corner of the world aware of the war and unparalleled humanitarian crisis Yemen suffers.

But they ratcheted up this global awareness squarely from the Houthi perspective! It was too much extensive and persistent shaping of international perceptions from the Houthi perspective.


Therefore the world and the entire international system today seems to see the Yemeni war from the Houthi point of view./Facebook post by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

  1. "Will the international terror designation of the Houthi militia be anything beyond a resolution in ink and paper?" "Will the international organizations give up on the militia-controlled Sana'a and relocate offices elsewhere in this vast world." "Will they stop and condemn the persisting Houthi war, or even cut ties and finances to the militia's war machine?"/ Tweets by Rizk Alsanafi
  1. The UNHCR envoy Angelina Jolie'svisit may not be

 of any meaning unless she visits the largest concentration of (millions of IDPs) in Yemen – Marib province./FB post by Mohammed Jumeh

  1. In recent years we have started to experience the outcome of years of misinformation and misleading in the international media: US representative Ilhan Omar a couple of days ago criticized the war and the actors in it from the Houthi perspective. She did not criticize the war's ineffectuality and failure to achieve its goal of uproot the terrorist Houthis but criticized the war's existence altogether. When Lebanese TV presenter George Kordahi recently slammed the war, he did so from the Houthi point of view squarely. In her Yemen tour, the UN envoy on refugee matters American actress Angelina Jolie visited the Houthi bastion of Sana'a but not Marib where the refugees and escapees (actually 60% of all Yemen IDPs) are !

Today, every prominent organization and individual see the Yemeni conflict, say their opinion or act toward it from the Shia militants' sectarian perspective/FB post by Mohammed Al-Oqbi.

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