Houthis have turned Yemeni women's life to a hell: Press Summary

Houthis have turned Yemeni women's life to a hell: Press Summary

  1. Yemen's Information Minister said the Houthi militia have turned Yemeni women's life to a hell/Multiple websites
  2. An international report unveils how UN agencies are supporting the Houthi war machine/Khabar News Agency
  3. Houthis inaugurate a new telecommunication company Youtelecom a rebrand of the MTN Yemen branch they had purchased months ago/Multiple websites.
  4. Houthis are a disaster that the Yemeni political parties, not the people, are responsible for allowing/Aden Alghad
  5. The Yemeni people in Sana'a and other cities are set to rise up against the Houthi militia as calls for revolution mount on social media./Yemeni Post
  6. Yemeni social media activists say any deal international organizations may strike with Houthis will be illegal since the international community now recognizes that Houthis are a terrorist militia/Multiple websites

  7. Two children were killed and three others were injured by a Houthi landmine in Sana'a on Tuesday evening/Bawabati

  8. A lorry suffers a breakdown in Al-Qabbayta the only road between besieged Taiz and Aden city causing traffic jam. Dozens of cars are stuck in a jam. Rollovers of cargo-laden vehicles happen there on almost a daily basis causing losses of lives and goods worth tens of millions of riyals ./Multiple websites.

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