North Yemen's tribes announce rebellion against Houthis: Press Summary

North Yemen's tribes announce rebellion against Houthis: Press Summary


  1. The tribes of north Yemen have begun to rise up and announce their discontent toward the Houthi militia …refuse Houthi recruitment of their members into warfronts realizing that the Houthi militia are aggravating their living conditions … and plotting against their young generations./Almeethaq News website
  3. Slogans on Sana'a walls scare Houthis. Does it usher in a coming revolution?. "Leave Houthis" is a slogan people have anonymously written on walls across Sana'a revealing increasing public wrath at how things have become in Sana'a as a result of the Houthi control./Almanarah Net website'
  4. Sana'a is boiling. Houthis acknowledge the public's wrath/Alsahel Algharbi

  5. "Leave Houthis". Slogans in the heart of Sana'a indicate a coming public uprising against the militia/Alharf 28.
  7. Breaking News: High alert, gunmen, barricades and checkpoints in Sana'a/Almashehad Alkhaleeji.
  8. Houthis carry a widespread campaign to rob households of their livestock in north Yemen's Mahweet governorate /Al-Rashad Press
  10. Young man Ibraheem Al-Ashmali disappeared in Aden on Monday in his way of travel from Marib to Taiz and has been missing since then. He was originally coming from Saudi Arabia and heading to his village to celebrate his wedding./Taiz News
  12. On the barbaric nature of Houthi snipers in Taiz/ Aden Voice
  14. The household of Al-Mutawakkil (a branch of the Hashemite extended family to which Houthis belong) demand Abdulmalik Al-Houthi to hand over power to them as themselves being the "legitimate heirs" of the pre-1962 Mutawakkili kingdom/Voice of Yemen
  16. High alert and security tensions in Sana'a following signs of a public action to uproot Houthis/Yemen Voice
  18. Tensions are increasing between Hajjah tribes and Houthis after the former refused to assign more fighters for the militia's endless war against the government/Multiple sources.
  20. Houthis close main streets in Sana'a and other governorates /Yemeni Sport
  22. Houthi militia confiscate the house of a famous businessman in Dhamar "Abdusalam Al-Kohram"/Sawt Al-Yemen
  24. "Houthis are terrorists": Slogans and posts attacking the militia spread in the capital Sana'a today./Yemeni Post.




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