Social Media Corner: What matters is the implementation

Social Media Corner: What matters is the implementation


  1. We have got a resolution from 2015 demanding the Houthi disarmament and surrender of cities and state offices. This resolution (no. 2216)awaits to be implemented first, before the new one designating Houthis terrorists. First things first. Isn't that right? /Facebook Post by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan
  2. The Houthi militia are not only too brutal toward the population in their areas of control but also imposing on them to sell their foreign currencies at half the supposed price while allowing traders to charge the public twice the supposed prices on commodities. The difference of the exchange rate from theundervalued foreign notes ends up in the pockets of the militia's warlords./FB post by Sameer Al-Nemri
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  4. The world is crying over Ukrain and some observers and pundits are asking 'when will this war end' even though it is only six days old. Yes we hope every war ends, but Yemen's war is unprecedented in length and brutality./FBpost by Waleed Ahmed.
  5. The STC militiamen manning at Al-Alam checkpoint at the entrance of Aden city are still forcing northern Yemeni passengers to pay 5000 riyals if they want to continue their travel. There is no one to stop their abuses/FB post by Abdullah Khaleaydi
  6. "Hezbollah are also designated terrorists, but they are still at large." ' We hope that the world recognizes Houthis as terrorists and end the illegal rule of the terrorists killing us," tweets by Noah Al-Amri.


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