Army downs two Houthi UAVs in Taiz: Press Summary

Army downs two Houthi UAVs in Taiz: Press Summary

  1. Yemen's army downed two armed drones belonging to the Houthi terrorist militia and purged some sites controlled by the militia in Taiz on Friday as the latter fired mortars into the besieged city/Multiple websites
  3. Big death toll amongst civilians in a Houthi massacre in Taiz /Voice of Yemen website
  5. UN warn of the consequences of Russia-Ukraine war on Yemen/Bawabati
  7. The flame of the Ukrain war reaches Yemen/Aden Alghad
  9. Yemen Information Minister's advisor: How long will the warfronts remain frozen?/Aden Alghad
  10. One man has been killed and another injured in Aden/Alharf 28
  12. Houthis suspend the salaries of MPs living in the militia's areas of control stipulating their involvement this dirty mission: recruiting more anti-government fighters in their constituencies/Voice of Yemen.
  13. The tools and tricks of Houthis to recruit children to war/Alharf 28
  15. A car was blown up by a Houthi landmine in a crowded neighborhood in Hodeidah/Aden Voice



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