Houthis bombard Marib with five ballistic missiles overnight: Press Summary

Houthis bombard Marib with five ballistic missiles overnight: Press Summary

  1. Houthis in Sana'a launch five ballistic missiles into the city of Marib within a few hours on Saturday night exploiting the opportunity that the city's security forces were engaged in clashes with some sleeping cells near the city. The missiles and mortar rounds left casualties among the city's residents /Multiple websites.
  2. Houthis force African refugees to fight on their side/24 Post
  4. Shabwa's former governor Mohammed Saleh bin Edeiw mourns the assassination of his brother yesterday saying that was part of the price he had to pay for his patriotic attitudes during his tenure./Multiple website
  5. Yemeni journalist launch a social media campaign to support the country's expatriates facing the risk of deportation./Multiple websites
  6. The Houthi militia kidnap 50 tribesmen in Saada/Newsline
  8. Saudi Arabia confirms it will stay the course of seeking an end to the conflict in Yemen through arranging a settlement with Houthis/Marib Press
  10. The Houthi militia are using Al-Qaeda to help them recruit new fighters/Yemen national TV channel.
  12. The Houthi militia fire a ballistic missile on Al-Alam military camp in Shabwa killing one soldier and injuring three/Multiple websites
  14. Internet is back in Shabwa after an outage/Almahrah Alghad
  16. The Houthi militants controlling Sana'a seize the properties of Justice Minister Al-Arashani as part of a progressive confiscation of properties of all oppositionists/Multiple websites

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