Hit by prohibitive rise in fuel prices, Taiz enters into shutdown: Press Summary

Hit by prohibitive rise in fuel prices, Taiz enters into shutdown: Press Summary

- Deprived of its lot of national oil and foreign oil grants and suffering as a result a prohibitive rise in fuel (above $36,000 per 20 liters), Taiz has entered into shutdown and life is not normal in the besieged city. Commute buses have stopped and people are not able to go to work and universities/Multiple websites


- For the slightest reason including the interception of arms to the Houthi militia (in the north), black market leaders and their armed companions (in the south) turn Toor Al-Baha road, the only road to Taiz, into a chokepoint for the besieged [central Yemen] city. The gunmen block goods, cooking gas and other oil products shipments./Taiz News page on facebook.


- Houthis are forcing African refugees to fight on their side against the Yemeni government/Newsline


- Yemeni riyal continues to fall against the US dollar and Saudi riyal in Aden [south Yemen]/Almashehad Alyemeni


- Fierce fighting in Abs district in the northern province of Hajjah as Houthis attack the government forces in an offensive that the militia had been preparing for over the past months/Almashehad Alkhaleeji.


- A new traffic accident blocks the road to Taiz in the besieged governorate's south of Al-Qabbayta. The accidents of big trucks are taking place on a daily basis now/ Taiz News and other websites

- Houthis are preparing to physically eliminate the GPC-allied MPs//Almashehad Alkhaleeji.


- The Houthi militia are planning to physically eliminate some MPs in Sana'a. /Almashehad Alyemeni


- Houthi militia plant roadside bombs along the Lowde-Jayshan highway in Abyan/Aden Alghad

- Houthis step up recruitment of child soldiers at the same time as calls for their terror designation grow/ Khabar News Agency


- Houthi militia arrest members of Arhab tribe wounded in inter-tribal clashes from hospitals in Sana'a/Al-Rashad Press

- Martyr Dhiya Al-Ahdal: An insight into the binomial of revolution and freedom/Marib Press    

- Yemen info minister says the Houthi trend in enlisting entire families into the militia's warfronts is a systematic genocide/Aden Alghad

- The Yemeni Nework for Rights and Freedoms documents 3419 Houthi crimes in Ibb province/Multiple websites

- A Houthi landmine kills and injures three brothers in Hodeidah/Multiple websites

Hajjah: The army shoots down 10 Houthi armed drones in one day./Alharf 28. 

- The Houthi militia launch a fighter recruitment campaign amidst UN efforts to resume broker renewed peace consultations./Khabar News Agency


- Yemen parliament speaker tells the UN: Houthis have no desire for peace nor do they believe in dialogue/Almeethaq News

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