Yemen: Shiit sniper kills elderly woman in Taiz

Yemen: Shiit sniper kills elderly woman in Taiz

By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan

A Shiit Houthi sniper killed an elderly woman in Yemen's central province of Taiz on Wednesday morning, local sources have said, the latest in a series of hundreds of premeditated murders on sectarian religious grounds.

A Houthi militant reportedly shot dead 50-year old Hayat Ali Mahyoob Qasem in Wahr area of Jabal Habashi, a region within the besieged government-controlled part of the province. 

In addition to fighting the government, the Shiit terrorist organization of Houthis have been killing and otherwise abusing civilians of different sectarian and ethnic backgrounds mainly the Sunni majority for more than seven years. Through sniping alone they have killed and wounded hundreds of people mainly children and women.

The international community continues to ignore their atrocities and western media even try to ameliorate their image from a Shiit terrorist religious organization to ordinary rebels "fighting a corrupt system." 

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