Ten Passengers wounded in a devious mountain road in besieged Taiz: Press Summary

Ten Passengers wounded in a devious mountain road in besieged Taiz: Press Summary

  1. Ten passengers were wounded some critically in the rollover and fall of a car from a cliff in the dangerous and narrow Habashi Mountain road in the Houthi besieged city of Taiz./ Taiz News website and other sources.
  3. Unknown gunmen bomb a crude pipeline in Shabwa/Multiple websites
  5. Security forces in Marib capture 120 magazines each containing 40 bullets that Houthis were trying to smuggle into the city under the guise of a Qat shipment/Social media
  6. The UN announces a solution (for the crisis over stranded FSO Safer) that yields to Houthistipulations/ Voice of Yemen.
  8. Most ferocious clashes are taking place in Aden and explosions rock the city/Voice of Yemen
  11. These are the details of the ongoing street warfare in Aden … and the [names of] the rival security commanders in the city./Voice of Yemen
  13. Breaking News: Young man has committed suicide near Sana'a University./Crater Sky
  15. Houthis openly sell drugs and promote their consumption among young men and women/Almanarah Net
  17. Houthis attack Haradh town in Hajja with four ballistic missiles after days of confrontations with the army there/Multiple websites
  19. The Houthi militia prohibit the publication of any statistics on murder crimes in Sana'a/Alsahwa
  21. Houthi militants announce the entry of a fuel vessel to the seaport of Hodeidah which they control/Multiple websites.
  23. A woman was wounded by Houthi artillery fired on Aljamaliya neighborhood in the east of the besieged Taiz city on Sunday evening. A rights center said Jamila Shamsan was in front of the Republic Newspaper premises when Houthi militants on top of Al-Sallah Hill shot fire on the neighborhood and injured her./Alharf 28

  24. As many as 112 civilians have been killed and wounded by Houthi landmines since the beginning of 2022/Almeena News.

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